TrackingPoint’s “PGF” System Gets Some Hate

Take a look at this Cracked article having a short meltdown over the fact that the TrackingPoint XS1 rifle (and more importantly, its optic) exists. I left a short, irate comment with an account I have on the site. I do enjoy many of their articles and most of their contributors, as hundreds of thousands of others do. While this article starts off okay, it does become apparent that the author of the article is not a big fan for various reasons. Again, not as bad as it could be, but the premise is that killshots of hunted animals don’t belong on YouTube and Facebook, and that this technology is too good and someone’s gonna use it to kill some people.

The former is a simple opinion and it is up to YouTube and Facebook to decide what they want on there. According to these graphic videos and more, however, YouTube doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. There’s tons of content out there that can be considered objectionable, and this is no different. If you don’t want to see it, don’t look for it and don’t watch if you do come across it. Hell, I’m not that comfortable with it, either, but you don’t hear me moaning about it. Let it go and bother someone who cares. Besides, unless it’s varmints being shot with more powerful calibers, there won’t be “exploding animals”. That’s not what happens when you use the appropriate caliber and it just plain doesn’t happen with medium and large game. That was a really silly line and does not help the credibility of the author of the article.

Furthermore, while the TrackingPoint optic is an advanced piece of tech, Trjicon makes the CCAS that does something very similar. However, the CCAS is only available for sale to governments and also doesn’t delay the action until the sights are aligned – Basically it’s entirely an optics system, not a whole “Precision Guided Firearm”. In any case, none of those have ended up in the hands of bad guys, here in the US or abroad as far as I know, and if you think it needs to be sold on the civilian market for that to happen, you are sorely mistaken. In any case, I’m sure the TrackingPoint optic can do much of what the CCAS is able to do, even without the firing action delay system. This means you might be able to put it on anything as soon as TrackingPoint figures out that, hey, maybe we just want the freaking optic and not the whole gun sometimes.

I won’t vouch for it though as I am not interested. If you aren’t interested either, then all you have to do is not buy it. The objections in terms of “public safety” are also complete horsecrap. As long as people and politicians choose to live and travel in urban areas, they’re completely surrounded by tall buildings, dark alleys, and a million other structures that can hide a sniper to within 100 yards of the target. You don’t need a several-thousand dollar piece of hardware to make shots at that distance. And how many past murderers have come out of the crowd at close range to take their shots? More than a few.

There is no effective way to stop this technology from advancing and there are no inherent dangers to it, either. Being an accurate shooter is much more than just lining up the shot, which these optics don’t even do for you. They tell you where you have to aim, and you have to aim there yourself and keep the rifle steady yourself, especially during the initial tagging. Like the author of that Cracked article, I am not a fan of this system by any means. Unlike that author, however, I ain’t bitching about it due to some vague, poorly-thought out concerns. Whatever problems you have with this, fear shouldn’t be one of them.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there.


~ by demonhide on May 28, 2013.

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