3D Printing is Much More than Guns

The subject of 3D printing, the subject of guns, and the subject of printing 3D guns have all been widely and extensively covered. That won’t stop me from entering the fray on this. If you got something to say, say it. That includes you readers, there’s that comment section down there for when the rage starts flying.

Speaking of comments, take a look at this UK Daily Mail article on Defense Distributed and their 3D printing antics (antics that I stand behind, naturally). Scroll down to a recent comment, one by a “DeepThought” posted on March 20, 2013. Reading it, one discovers that this individual is likely not a fan of guns and their possession and believes them to be symbolic of killing. However, this individual has the vision to look beyond the narrow scope of guns in 3D printing and on to the much larger socio-economic effect therein (though again, some of the conclusions are not favorable from my point of view).

I’ve experienced this while speaking with friends on the subject as well. 3D guns is the hot topic and I feel that, unless all the hubbub dies down, it’s going to overshadow what may be the single greatest rise of technology since the internet. Yeah, it’s that big. Or at least, it has the potential to be. Just like the invention and rise of the combustion engine and the computer (though perhaps not as large as the harnessing of electricity and as I mentioned, the internet), the popularization and widespread development path of this technology has the power to change damn near everything.

Now, let’s be clear here. Modern business is much more than merely physical products. Foodstuffs and services are still quite the realm of conventional business and internet-based business, and there’s plenty of that to go around. At this time, 3D printing is limited to inedible physical objects of a certain maximum size and strength. But everything within that framework is fair game! And those limitations are steadily diminishing. Even CNC machines, which may seem like magic at first, have limitations that haven’t been overcome at the cost- and space-conscious individual level until the invention and now the rise of 3D printing.

By the time this technology gets to a point where serious 3D guns with acceptable criteria can be made, we will already be feeling the effects on economy, business, and our personal lives in every other door that 3D printing opens. Unless the “ink” is as ridiculously expensive as it is for 2D printers. Now that’s something to rage about.




~ by demonhide on May 15, 2013.

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