Post-State of the Union Address Opinions

The silver tongue was hard at work yesterday, but when you talk about giving businesses more incentive to stay within the US but then raise the minimum wage that they’re required to pay to US citizens, what exactly are you doing? This is the kind of double-think that happened last time.

Talk about bringing troops home after 10 years and promising that the war in Afghanistan will come to a close by 2015. Wasn’t an end of this war promised the first time within a couple years? Well, no mention of how he sent tens of thousands of contractors to fight the war for him at 10 times the grunt rate in Iraq.

More financial talk of course. Basically more taxes on who he considers the rich, more taxes period due to several additional programs. Having banks give more people loans for homes against their better judgment. Didn’t this happen before, like say, the housing bubble of the last 10 years or so?

Giving Government more power to “secure networks”. What does that mean? No doubt you’ll have the DoD advance to the 2010 era (it’ll be behind again soon), but it’ll also mean greater monitoring of internet activity and the shutting down of more websites, things like a SOPA/PIPA 2.0.

More Trade agreements with the EU (not the individual countries in the EU). Sure, continuing commitments to Israel. Specific admonishment of Syria (the next war, as we knew years ago and will see soon), and more US World Police.

More funding for the DoE, more programs taking kids even earlier and indoctrinating them on one specific mindset before they can barely speak. Making schools “more available”? More like killing variety and driving private school costs up, forcing Government education on the masses and ensuring that only the rich get the best schools. Holding federal (i.e. taxpayer) funding hostage for certain schools and colleges unless they agree to whatever the Government standard is for “quality education”.

But, yes. Here we go. Towards the end of the speech, he finally brings it up: Gun Control. It had to be brought up, no question there. So how does this match up to the predictions? Predictions were correct on “assault weapons” (“weapons of war”) and magazines. Predictions were correct on bringing in victims – Victims who have been killed in his own tyrannical gun-ban city of Chicago as well those in the heavily restricted state of Connecticut. He admits that no laws will completely fix these things, but again fails to recognize that these laws have done far from help – The 22,000 laws already in place have done nothing but exacerbate the problem in all cases, over many years and at the cost of everything else. But you know what? He’s right about the spirit of that woman during Hurricane Sandy and that officer at the Sikh temple (who “fought back”), both true heroes. Incidentally, it seems that the officer survived 12 bullet wounds in the incident (one more strike against the “power” of a bullet). You are the first responder whether you like it or not, and you are being sentenced to death by restrictive and illegal laws.

Though, no “Universal Background Checks” specifically mentioned that I heard. It’ll still continue to be pushed heavily as it is universal registration, an absolutely necessary and hideous step towards confiscation. Anyway, these aren’t all the points and this is hardly an in-depth analysis. It’s just more bull from our beloved President. It’s nothing that we didn’t already expect. Keep fighting the good fight, just like we have been every day before today and just like we will tomorrow and the days after.



~ by demonhide on February 13, 2013.

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