Pre-State of the Union Address Predictions

With Tom Gresham making some quite reasonable predictions about Obama’s address to the US to occur later today (12 FEB 2013), I figured I’d like to add a few of my thoughts in as well.

A few of Gresham’s predictions included: Calling for civilian restrictions on semi-automatic firearms (calling them “military-style assault weapons” or similar), going after standard capacity magazines, bringing in Sandy Hook parents (possibly by name) to speak for gun control, and of course, “Universal Background Checks” which is nothing short of universal registration – The line that shall not be crossed.

Of course, I’m not willing to bet that Mark Mattioli will be invited to attend, the father of James, a victim of the recent shooting at Sandy Hook. Among chaos and emotional haze, he had the courage to say that gun laws are not the answer and that this violence is a symptom of a true disease (paraphrased). Yeah, this is a Fox article, but here’s something else from LATimes if that makes you feel better.

Texas lawmaker invites Ted Nugent to attend State of the Union Address

Of course, this has been received in many circles quite poorly, both due to Steve Stockman’s call for Obama’s impeachment over his illegal gun control legislation (among many other things) and mostly Ted Nugent because he’s Ted Nugent.

Now, here’s the thing I figure about Ted – He does everything for a reason. He knows the kind of weak-willed and easily frightened people who oppose what he believes in, so he doesn’t much care if they’re scared of the man in addition to the idea. He knows the media works in soundbites and sneaky edits and stands firmly on one side of many issues, so he makes it loud and clear for the masses. Meanwhile, when he doesn’t have to do that, he tends to take a more calm demeanor and comes across as an intelligent speaker, which he is – That’s usually on radio shows like GunTalk and gun rights events and the like, so those opposed to those things don’t tend to hear that side of him and again, I think that’s intentional.

But anyway, enough on that. What else might we expect to see? Not much that is as important to me, personally. I mean, talks about the financial situation and the whole fiscal cliff fiasco are important, but again, none of the solutions presented would have done things any differently. More of the same. Besides, that discussion can come after we have re-secured our capability and our right to resist tyranny in all of its forms. You can always barter or find another way to get food if the whole financial thing reaches its culmination – You can’t always completely resist, remove, and replace the entirety of your Government without the general populace, good people, good civilians, owning all kinds of firearms.

Post-Address, well, post, will be coming at the appropriate time.



~ by demonhide on February 12, 2013.

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