Should You Be Trusted With a Firearm?

Yes. At least, it’s almost always yes. Let’s break this down.

We can contrast the controls and operation of a firearm to that of the common motor vehicle. Most of you out there, every day or otherwise frequently, get behind the wheel of a metal bullet. You do this as if it is natural, without much thought. You operate the 20+ controls of the vehicle with proficient familiarity. You take this multi-ton vehicle on the road mere feet and sometimes inches from other persons driving their own vehicles, often at speeds between 30-80 mph. You do this successfully every time or almost every time. You do it at night, in inclement weather, when you’re tired, sick or injured. You do it while talking, texting, messing with the radio, eating and drinking, you name it. And, of course, you have a license to do so that you’ve never had to re-prove or re-test for despite the fact that it’s easy (you even get a friendly reminder when it’s about to expire).

Yeah, I can guarantee that most of you are over-qualified for the basic and safe operation of a firearm, the controls of which are 4 or 5 at most and can be learned in 20 minutes.

If you aren’t mentally deficient to the point of retardation, if you are not a violent criminal or adjudicated as mentally ill, then you can be trusted with a firearm and you are more than capable of learning how to use any firearm both safely and effectively. You have one less excuse, and don’t kid yourself about the others.

Really, besides the valid reasons listed above, the only other reason you shouldn’t have a firearm is that you have thought long and hard about the pros and cons and decided that it’s not for you. That is perfectly okay. Just remember that to not be armed and to not be armed with any firearm are decisions precisely as important and severe as the decision to be armed, and both revolve around your defense. Every decision in this regard has dire consequences and whatever you choose, know them well.

It is, after all, up to you and not up to any politician to decide for you or for me. Please keep that in mind as innocent people continue to face more restrictions and ostracizing.



~ by demonhide on February 7, 2013.

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