Preparedness in the Eyes of the Unprepared

I’m going for more manageable bite-sized chunks in these and future posts. You can still say a lot without writing a lot, and it helps the reader read and the writer write more often without necessarily sacrificing content quality.

What are some of the more negative responses that you receive after advising others to prepare for emergencies or simply describing your own state of preparedness as it comes up in casual conversation? Well, as is typical of cowards, here’s what I sometimes hear:

“You can’t possibly prepare for everything. What are you, crazy? What if this happens? Or that? Then where’s all your fancy preparations? You’re wasting your time.”

Those are the words, but they aren’t the issue as we’ll see when I elaborate. What cowards and the ignorant are really saying is more like this: “You are talking about things that I’ve never thought about. You are showing me just how unprepared I am. You are making me uncomfortable. I am afraid of the truth. Please stop and let me return to blissful ignorance, even if it could cost me and my loved ones their lives.” That’s what they really mean. It is an attitude of defeatism and giving up. The belief that doing nothing is better than doing something. It is a pitiable thing and a disgrace upon mankind.

Contrast that to how I say what I say: “I know that it’s impossible to prepare for everything because I’ve damn well tried my best to do just that.” Do you see the difference? I’ve examined and pored over the facts, I’ve analyzed the hard subjects and put every effort into being reliable to myself and others. I do so each and every freakin’ day and I haven’t even scratched the surface. There’s tons I can still do. I love life and don’t choose to have less options when I can have more, generally speaking. I know better than the defeatists do on just how much is impossible to prepare for – And in doing so, by knowing the limitations and strengths, I also know what can be prepared for and do just that.

Doing something is always better than doing nothing. Doing something can mean simply standing back and being out of the way in a certain situation at a certain time, yet it can also mean everything up to sacrificing yourself (and it can go from one to the other in the same emergency!). As long as you’ve thought about it and decided that it was what you needed to do (and then actually doing it), that’s doing something as well as simply physically doing it. Cowards never will. The ignorant might simply because it will take a traumatic and frightening experience to bring their true selves to bear. I guarantee that they’ll have a different outlook after that. By then, it could be too late. Preparedness has many facets that I won’t go into in this post (check out some of the websites linked in the sidebar), but it ensures not only your ability to do something but how successful you are in doing it. It’s literally the difference between living and dying.

Be part of the solution, not the problem. Think about things. Entertain the notion. You’ll truly enjoy life more than ever, knowing you have done your best. All those innate fears hiding in your subconscious tend to soften and dissipate tremendously as they are brought to light and directly addressed.



~ by demonhide on January 6, 2013.

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