UN ATT and SOAS Bill

By now, we all know that the UN Arms Trade Treaty has ground to a halt for another 6 months or so. If you didn’t know that, now you do. This timeframe is convenient for any US President who is trying for re-election, but let’s not focus on that right now. It may seem Amero-centric to talk about this  from the perspective of American politics, in light of it being a debate involving many figures representing many countries. However, everyone and their uncle knows that we in the US are the ones who stand to lose the most from a poorly-worded piece of legislation such as the UN ATT, and we’ve always had a large say and sway over the actions of the UN. That is simply the fact of the matter. Still, you can bet that some months from now or maybe a little longer, the whole process will begin anew. I fear that, when such a time comes, we will not come out unscathed.

Moving on from the topic for the time being, let’s talk about the “Stop Online Ammunition Sales” bill (whatever it’s called) and some of its implications. Another thing that everyone with at least half of a functioning brain knew was that something like this would show up soon, and it has. What will this do to prevent more murders such as those that occurred recently at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado? This bill is touted as a direct response to that event. All of these bills are touted in the same fashion and shortly after such events. Do the legislators actually care about your safety, about preventing horrific tragedies from occurring again? I would wager that, if they cared at all, they would be blinded by their strong urge to push forward the agenda of “gun control”. No part of this legislation, separately or in conjunction with any others, would do a damn thing to stop these tragedies in the slightest. It never has in the past, and it never will now or in the future. Every example of this type of legislation has failed miserably in its ostensible goal and made a bad situation worse.

Here’s what else it would do:

  • ban the online sale of ammunition to most law-abiding citizens, at least those who are civilians, by requiring a photo ID at the time of purchase unless you are a licensed dealer
  • cut into significant or entire revenue and/or profits of sellers who sell ammunition online to law-abiding civilians in any capacity, as most civilians will not be licensed dealers
  • raise the price of ammunition even higher than it already is by necessitating the added steps and cost of in-person sales
  • as mentioned before, everyone who sells ammo would have to then be a licensed dealer to do so legally (“legally” is always the key word), crating an opportunity to make an impassable barrier for law-abiding civilians
  • additionally, dealers who sell more than 1000 rounds of ammunition to an unlicensed person over 5 consecutive business days are required to report it (why and to whom?)

Clearly, this is not the first time this has been tried. Banning the online sales of ammo has been on the agenda for those opposed to our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and it’s been tried more than once before at various levels of Government. I’m guessing this legislation was lying around somewhere in some form and was quickly dredged up. I imagine certain legislators or leaders of certain activist groups rifling through stacks of papers shortly after news of the recent shooting in Aurora circulated, trying their best to pull something out of their asses so that they could push it on us while we’re still shocked and in grief – You know, when we’re in no position to be making decisions like that just yet. I am not hopeful for the passage of the bill in question into law, but its very presence is an abomination.

Don’t delay – Whatever you think about this piece of legislation, contact your representatives immediately and let them know. You have the power to vote, after all. Remind them, and follow through on your promises of support or opposition. By the way, anyone wondering about the whole Operation Fast and Furious thing, I haven’t been under a rock. Tom Gresham of Guntalk has been covering it quite nicely. I’ll talk about it myself as it nears its conclusion, whenever that may be.




~ by demonhide on July 30, 2012.

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