Swords on a Wall: A Point of Reflection

I thought I’d finally get to talking about this here, even though it’s a long time after the discussion occurred with one of my good friends. But first, I hope the new year is going strong for everyone so far. There’s some big things ahead for the world, maybe some not so good things, but for now, I hope you get something out of this meager post.

A while back, a friend and I were discussing the options available to us in the event of a home invasion. There was no specific scenario to talk about, just one or more persons in your house when they shouldn’t be and also intending to take things from you that they should not take (stuff, money, chastity, life). My friend commented that he could make do with the sword or swords he had mounted on a wall somewhere. Needless to say, I was not impressed. Here’s a few things to consider:

-Does your family know what to do? Have you made sure that they do? (arguably the most important aspect to consider)
-Can you reach those swords in time? Are they languishing somewhere in a far corner or some other place not on your person?
-What if the intruder(s) are between you and the swords? Can you reach them at all?
-Can they even be used indoors effectively? Do you even know how to use them at all against a human being?
-What if the intruder(s) is armed with a firearm? What will you do then?
-What are your alternatives? What else have you done and can you do besides that?

These are just a few, there are likely many more. And you can replace “swords” with anything else that you rely upon to use in your defense and the defense of your family, friends, and other loved ones – Sometimes even random strangers if it is your choice to do so.

Make sure that you have whatever you need in arm’s reach at all times if at all possible. Teach your family through scenarios and practice what they need to do in order to attain maximum safety in these emergencies (natural or man-made). Hey, you could also fortify your home to make it harder for damage and uninvited entry to create that emergency.

The CRR crew in episode 84 (or was it 83?) touched on that topic, as have others. So, what could this mean? Here’s another short list with a few considerations:

-Better locks are an obvious example. This will be expanded upon in a future post.
-Stronger doors and windows
-More effective enclosures
-Sturdy safes that are not easily moved or carried
-Cameras and motion-sensing outdoor lights, strategically-placed
Integrating a dog for protection of the home and family when you’re not present

And more for your specific situation. Not everyone everywhere is going to be able to do this, especially not immediately. I fall into the “How the heck am I supposed to do all that?” category. But, nevertheless, it’s important to know about it and work towards one or more goals in this respect. I think many of us are familiar with John “Lofty” Wiseman’s “Vital Pyramid”. That is, mindset comes first, then tactics, then skills, then the actual kit or items that you will use. All of them are important and must not be overlooked, but the former will help you maximize the latter.

And remember, mindset alone doesn’t cost anything. You can easily get started on that now by thinking about your situation and analyzing different scenarios. Then, you can go from there. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I truly believe that, and I hope you do, too.



~ by demonhide on January 13, 2012.

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