Media, Politics, Entertainment, Schools and You

This week, I’ll touch upon some of the popular forms of bias delivery that skew the general public’s opinions, views, and attitudes against responsible gun owners. I’d include this blog as well, but my bias leans the other way – Someone else can talk about that. Let’s start with a definition.

From the Collins English Dictionary at
social engineering
the manipulation of the social position and function of individuals in order to manage change in a society

Yep, sounds about right. Granted, these days the phrase is used somewhat liberally, but in the colloquial repertoire of today, it fits just fine. The vehicles for this, outlined in the first four words of this post’s title, are combined to create an image of a world that is removed from the many realities that we are forced to face. The very processes that lead to our decisions and actions are engineered to fall right into the hands of certain individuals and groups with plenty of money, power, and influence – Generally for their own benefit.

Part of that image mentioned earlier is the notion that guns are terrible, evil things and that anyone who has one or more is a terrible, evil person. Now, at least some of you reading this know that, if anything at all, the opposite is closer to the truth. But of course, both those propositions are ridiculous. There’s this idea that has been planted in the heads of so many people that inanimate objects are made of black magic or something. Maybe that they’re haunted with vengeful ghosts that make people do things, heck I don’t know what people think that leads them to a conclusion other than the fact that these things are made of physical parts and pieces like every other object they make use of.

What doesn’t help is that most of us were essentially raised by schools, many of them public. Yes, it’s true that no matter what, you’re going to grow up with a certain mindset that you’ve adopted from those who exert their influence on you, especially at a young age. However, if it’s from, say, your parents or guardians, then at least that ensures variety. Well, for some people, that’s the problem. Variety means unpredictability, and unpredictability means that it’s that much harder to get others to do what you want. So, how do you “deal” with that “problem”? Why, you simply make people predictable! And you do it by grooming them in a school that’s run for that purpose. By no accident, public schools make up a large majority of that. Millions upon millions of children being fed the same kind of BS for 12 or more years under Prussian-style authoritarianism. It’s frightening, to say the least. There is, of course, much more to say on this matter, but that’s for another time or another place.

Worse, it doesn’t stop there. When you finally leave, things aren’t much different. You go where you are expected to go, work where you are expected to work, think what you are expected to think. The groundwork is laid for you to accept the next tier of social engineering. Some know it as the “Mainstream” or “Mass” media. You know, the stuff on TV and in newspapers. We all know who the big players are here, and it is safe to say that none of them are interested in properly informing you of important current events in as honest a way possible. That’s partially because, again, we grew up without an inclination to seek the truth. We would rather be pacified with lies and trivial matters, and even if you try to ignore it, it is designed so that everywhere you go, somebody is talking about some of those things as if they are the true. And so, we are given what we have been made to want.

What we’re given is Hollywood and Professional Sports. That amounts to distractions at the end of the day. This is fine if we do not let them get in the way of important discussions and events. But for too many of us, they do. That’s a lot of money spent and a lot of time lost if it consumes your life. Wouldn’t it be great if we were to take the vigor with which we discuss the everyday trivialities of celebrities and put that energy towards Congress and the White House? Or maybe take the time to think about our current situation and what has led us here, to really do the homework on this and break outside of the contemporary shell we’re in.

That’s because all of this becomes an even bigger problem when it’s used to push forward legislation that would never have been considered otherwise, if only because few of us would fall for it. With the hearts and minds of the people won through deception and trickery, nothing is sacred anymore. All the freedoms you enjoy are on the chopping block, and many are all too eager to get rid of them. Caught up in the moment with a short attention span and memory, we quickly succumb to blind emotion and allow things to occur which benefit the ruling elite at our expense. Then, we forget we ever did it and the cycle starts anew.

Bringing this whole mess back to a relevant example, consider the following hypothetical: In school, you grow up without exposure to firearms. It’s a restrictive environment where defense and practical skills are frowned upon, obedience is key, and common sense is all but eradicated. You hear the stories that the media loves to report, the ones where bad guys use guns to harm other people. You don’t watch the news, really, but you’re always hearing about this or that. You never hear the mainstream report on good people using guns to save other good people. You, of course, don’t own any yourself. You wouldn’t even know which end is the “business end” if you hadn’t watched all those movies. But it’s a good thing you did, because now you know that only cops, soldiers, other government agents, persons retired from those positions, and the protagonists should ever have a firearm – And they will always enter a huge shootout. Because of this, you think you know what guns can do and how they operate, even though you don’t. Then, you hear that your favorite celebrity got shot, and whether or not you are fanatical about it, your opinions are cemented. After the grief, a huge debate around firearms and the laws pertaining to them erupts. Using the tragedy to their advantage, some politicians will desperately attempt to install more restrictive laws. You grew up in an environment where the solution to everything was oppressive rules, you are enticed by inaccurate and sensational media reports on the incident, you feel personally affected by the loss of this celebrity, and now everyone is coming out of the woodwork to make permanent changes facilitated by a temporary lapse in reasoning and judgment, a trap which you unwittingly walk right into.

And that’s it. The circle is complete. Just rinse and repeat with minor variations on a number of issues until we give up both the will and the means to secure our freedom and prosperity. It’s worked in most of the world, for most of history. But, fortunately, times are changing for the better. Less and less people are buying into the crap. We are beginning to understand again that our future is in our hands and that we can no longer tolerate this treatment. Particularly impressive to me is that, in areas of the world that are under strict laws, there is a growing realization by the people that being armed is truly a Right and should be, both natural and civil.

As an American, I know things aren’t nearly as good here for gun owners as they could and ought to be, but the plight of those in Canada, India, the UK, Australia, Japan, and pretty much most of the world is many times that. There are other issues plaguing society at large, and those must receive attention as well, but we cannot treat this casually. How many things in life are worth having if you can’t hold on to them? Just some food for thought.



~ by demonhide on December 3, 2011.

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