The Concept of Tier 1 Weapons

Okay, so there’s something that bugs me to no end whenever I encounter it. Well, that’s a lot of things, but what I’m talking about is the tendency for so many people to compare firearms with every other option for a weapon out there (EG, “I don’t need a gun, I have a ______”).

When I hear this, I have to immediately say, “Whoa, stop right there. What the heck are you doing?” This naturally elicits a confused expression most of the time. Then I go on to explain the following.

Do you not need air because you have water? Or water because you have food? It’s not about comparing one weapon to the other, it’s about co-existing for the survival of yourself, your loved ones, friends, and innocent people in your vicinity. You don’t need a gun because you have a TASER? Katana? ASP baton? Unarmed martial arts?

Uh-uh, that doesn’t cut it. Today, in this era, a firearm as a weapon is Tier 1 (that is to say, top level). This is non-negotiable if you understand that you need to do what it takes to protect what is precious to you. That is, unless you have made the conscious and well thought-out decision to never use an implement that, when used normally in-role, the most likely and intended effect is lethal. That’s an entirely different story.

Even so, that means you are willingly choosing a Tier 2+ weapon system. Again, that’s fine if you know that and choose to do so. The problem is when people start thinking that in this day and age, a sword, knife, stick, rock, slingshots, bows, fists, etc. are somehow a replacement for the firearm. They are not. Does that mean you shouldn’t have them, or that you shouldn’t pick up a rock and, to put it bluntly (no pun intended), bash the head of someone trying to kill you? No, it means that if you have a firearm, it ought to be loaded, you ought to know how to use it, and for goodness’ sake, do not pick up that damn rock until you can’t use your gun anymore.

And you know, this would make more sense to more people if more of us took the time to think about defensive applications of the firearm, perhaps took some courses on that to see just what the fuss is all about.

So, what about me? Yes, I carry a firearm. I plan to carry 2. Then 3. Maybe 4. And I carry as many knives on me for a single purpose. And an ASP baton as well. A TASER is in the plans for the future. And I have some unarmed martial arts skills and techniques. All the firearms, including back-ups to back-ups, are Tier 1. Everything else is Tier 2+. That means, whether I go directly to my most effective weapon, or whether I scale from the bottom on up, the firearm is always on top. While it could be the first word in a defensive situation depending on the severity and immediacy of the situation, it is bad news for me if it isn’t the last word.

Anyway, that’s the rant for today. This bugs me almost as much as those who say they don’t need to fight because they can run. A whole other can of worms right there.



~ by demonhide on November 6, 2011.

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