CRR on Gordon Steele (Steel?)

Clearly, I am not familiar with the fellow as I do not know how to spell his name. I am, however, quite familiar with the folks at Canadian Reload Radio, listening through them via iTunes. Check ’em out.

Anyway, Episode 73  a couple weeks back with Mike and Matthew (sans Andy for the episode) addressed a letter from Mr. Steele, who denounced (among other things I might be inclined to agree with) the availability of guns and a crime rate in Canada that rivals the US – A fact he seems to be quite unhappy with. Now, surely, a high crime rate is nothing to be happy about. However, in a rebuttal presented shortly afterward, the CRR crew read a post from a member of their forums (Canadian Gunnutz) speaking in part about the crime rate, among other things.

You can listen to the episode itself (about 9 minutes in is where the whole thing starts) by subscribing to the podcast or otherwise downloading the episode from the website. I’ll just touch upon a few points here that – we’ll call him “MattX” – has mentioned in his rebuttal. My apologies to the writer, the full forum name can be heard in the episode, but again, I’m not sure how to spell that either.

MattX puts forth the numbers, which I paraphrase here: US violent crime rate at an all-time low in 45 years, overall violent crime rate lower than Canada, with the latter having a 150% higher violent crime rate than in the ’60’s, apparently before gun control really took off there.

Well, not sure where these numbers come from, but assuming they’re in the ballpark, then there’s some food for thought there. An outsider’s thanks to MattX for the letter to CRR addressing Mr. Steele and offering some sensible counterpoints.

Of course, these aren’t the only statistics out there, for any “side”. But, let’s springboard off of the previous topic into perhaps some reasoning as to what some who dislike the thought of firearm possession and use by upstanding citizens might utilize in order to explain their rationale. One of the things one might hear is that the crime rates are caused by firearms coming in from the US, and that is the reason why Canada and Mexico have such high crime rates.

So, they have higher violent crime rates than the US, yet the US has much more lax gun control laws – than the rest of the world, effectively – the guns are claimed to have come from here, and we have a higher percentage of armed citizens than almost any other country (except perhaps Switzerland, but their firearm use is fairly controlled by Government protocols). If guns were the problem, shouldn’t we have the highest violent crime rate, not just by a little but by far? Yet, that isn’t the case at all, it seems. Curious.

And, might I add, this is even with the US receiving  a huge influx of “legal” and “illegal” immigrants (which is unfortunately a cause for tension that has led to animosity and violence), a “gangster” trend or culture which those in my generation mistakenly equate with violence, and a large number of densely-packed mega-cities which are always a hub for violent crime. Not to mention the fact that where you see the crime rates spike is not in the places where our Right to keep and bear arms is recognized.

There is, however, a caveat to the overall argument. The guns talked about are likely black market or “illegal” guns, or guns coming from private citizens. But, in a very recent case where a large number of firearms did come straight from the US into the hands of criminals in Mexico, the US Government is directly responsible from start to finish!

CRR also gave a shout to Tom Gresham’s GunTalk. You definitely wanna check that show out, if you haven’t already. Tom’s talking about that very issue, known as the “Fast and Furious debacle” to many, and he is not backing down. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest on this absolutely infuriating and enormous mess that ought not to go unpunished and forgotten like so many other things.

I’ve written more than enough for now. Until next time, folks.



~ by demonhide on November 4, 2011.

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