Hello and Welcome

I go by “DemonHide” on the internet (and variations thereof), and though you can find me elsewhere, I’d like this blog to be somewhat more stand-alone and not necessarily tied into my other ventures, although it could happen eventually so don’t hold me to that.

The majority of the posts here will be about various topics that come with the territory when speaking of guns and politics: Defense, mindset, policies, the guns themselves, any combination of those, and of course, incessant ranting about various other topics. I’ll be regularly posting content and broadening the discussion to various other things in an attempt to find both my voice and an audience for it. Currently, I’m on hiatus for this blog and will phase it out for a new site whenever I shell out the dough for it. As I do not have many followers/readers yet, it is better to do this now rather than later.

Now then, on the right you will see a few menus to give a method to the madness. You can start with the most recent post at the top of the “Recent Posts” menu, and you can also go through the archives if you wish. Don’t forget to check out the sites that are now under the proper menu, they’re good stuff! However you start the journey, I hope you’ll find something worth sticking around for.


P.S. The header is part of a wallpaper I found in an image search, seemingly belonging to onlyhdwallpapers.com. Correct me if that’s not the case, if you would be so kind.


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